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Tools for Consumer Startups

A curated list of tools to help Consumer startups start smart and scale with confidence

Tools for Consumer Startups from Burkland

Inventory Management is Critical for a Growing Consumer Startup

Having easy and correct access to your startup’s inventory levels is critical to effective manufacturing, operations, and sales.

Consumer Dominates VC Deal Flow

VC deal flow to Consumer startups accounted for well over 40% of all venture deals in 2020 and a whopping 46.6% in Q1 2021.

Is an Online Marketplace the Best Model for My Startup?

The online marketplace model is surprisingly lean and scalable, making it a popular choice for investors and new consumer startups.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows large numbers of people to contribute relatively small amounts of money to a given project, cause, or business venture.

More Tools for Consumer Startups

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Find out which online marketplaces rule their countries, regions and product categories in Webretailer’s definitive list of marketplaces worldwide.

Roadmap: Consumer Earthquakes

In this video series, Bessemer Venture Partners’ Kent Bennett details what makes a consumer earthquake startup and the keys to a viable business model and long-term defensibility.

Marketplace Technology: Choosing A Software For Your Marketplace

This article from Shopery examines pros and cons of the different marketplace options available to your startup.

Foodtech Q2 2021 VC Update

Data for Foodtech entrepreneurs and investors from PitchBook Emerging Tech Research.

The Consumer VC Podcast

Interviews with some of the world’s top venture capitalists focused on B2C and consumer companies.

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