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Burkland Helps Investors Make Informed Decisions

Burkland will perform a thorough financial due diligence evaluation. In addition to reviewing the provided information, we will conduct interviews with key company executives. Engagements typically last 2-3 weeks depending upon the scope. The engagement culminates in a written report on the prospective portfolio company plus a review meeting with the venture capital firm/investor group.

Our financial due diligence report can include:

  • Quality of Earnings analysis
  • Review of historical financial records, accounting practices, and financial systems
  • Assessment of financial projections and metrics against Total Addressable Market
  • Cap Table review
  • Review of material contracts and agreements
  • Financial controls assessment
  • Finance / Accounting team assessment
  • Review of HR practices including current payroll and benefits
  • Review of corporate records
  • Review of tax records

Burkland’s financial due diligence services are performed by our team of startup CFOs and supported by our Bookkeeping, Tax and Accounting Group. We bring the full strength of the entire Burkland team to our analysis. We have extensive experience in strategic finance for early-stage startups from Seed to Series C.