We Accelerate Dreams

Our Purpose

Burkland's core purpose is to Accelerate Dreams. So often, turning dreams into reality helps change the world. We thrive at the forefront of this transformation.

Startups desire our professionals -- they are the best in the business. Startups seek our content -- we are the industry thought leader. Startups trust our expertise -- founders can focus on their unique value-add.

Because of our demonstrated value, our clients raised $1b in 2020 and we have over 20% market share.

Executive Team

Portrait of Jeff Burkland

Jeff Burkland

CEO & Founder

Jeff Burkland is the founder and CEO of Burkland. Founded in 2004, under his leadership, the company has steadily grown and provides finance cover to over 200 startups across the USA.

Jeff brings over 25 years of strategic and tactical financial management experience and business leadership, in both the corporate world and startups, to Burkland. He is an expert in business planning, fundraising, financial modeling, management, strategic planning, and process improvement.

Most importantly, Jeff is known to Burkland clients for his help in building their businesses and his innovative thinking.

Before founding Burkland, Jeff co-founded CRC Results, a financial consulting firm that provided Sarbanes-Oxley, Internal Audit, and Strategic Finance advice and services. He grew the company to over 40 consultants, leading Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 efforts for several large- and small-cap telecommunications and financial services clients.

Jeff played a key role in the development of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance methodology for a multi-billion dollar communications company which was among the first firms in the world to successfully attain certification of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404.

Jeff received an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Duke University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Portrait of Walt Spevak

Walt Spevak

Managing Director
CFO Practice

Walt Spevak has over 30 years of business experience having worked with both startups and public companies, for-profits and nonprofits, ranging in size from two-pizza teams to multi-thousand employees.

Prior to Burkland, Walt spent nearly 2 decades at Autodesk in various corporate roles as it grew from less than 100 people and $9M in revenue to nearly 3,000 employees and almost $1B in revenue when he left to begin angel investing in the start-up world.

At Burkland, Walt is Managing Director of the CFO Services practice comprising over 30 team members across the US. The team focuses on supporting companies in SaaS, Healthcare and Consumer business sectors from Series Seed through C. Walt holds both a BA in Economics with honors and an MBA from Stanford University. Outside of Burkland Walt is an avid sailor, racing Laser dinghies in national and international competitions. Ask him anytime about growing up at Lake Okoboji, IA.

Portrait of D.J. Marini

D.J. Marini

Managing Director
Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Practice

D.J. Marini is the Managing Director of Burkland’s Bookkeeping & Accounting Group. He has over 28 years of experience in business optimization and developing scalable business and accounting systems. Prior to joining Burkland, D.J. founded and served as CFO/Controller for an international professional services company and worked as General Manager of Lucasfilm LTD.

D.J. now uses this experience to provide Burkland clients with the resources they need to develop efficient and scalable accounting, systems, staffing, policies and procedures. D.J. holds a BS in Business Management from San Francisco State University.

Portrait of Bree Hanson

Bree Hanson

Head of Business Development

Bree Hanson's interest in sales and business development followed her from her early pharmaceutical career to her transition into tech, and consumed her once she started working with startups. Now Head of BD at Burkland, she fuses her knowledge of sales processes, relationship management, and networking to build value for the Burkland partnership network and the Venture Capital community. Bree holds a B.S. in International Studies from Brigham Young University.

Portrait of Kate Adams

Kate Adams

Head of Marketing

Kate Adams is the Head of Marketing at Burkland. Kate has over 20 years of marketing experience and specializes in website and collateral development, lead generation campaigns, branding, and market positioning. Kate has built and managed the marketing function at several startups while beginning her career at brand heavyweights Franklin Resources, Visa, and United Business Media. Kate holds a BS in Business Marketing from University of San Francisco – Magna cum laude.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide how we run Burkland and how we interact with our clients, partners, and each other.

Exponential Value

We take the time to understand the central issues and pain points in order to craft solutions that address core challenges. We have the experience, expertise and connections to drive significant results. We push ourselves to continually expand the boundaries of success, ask tough, probing questions and perform hard-hitting work. We are focused on identifying and improving the key drivers that substantially increase value.


As part of our extended community and our customer’s team, we share the experiences that come with their business. Understanding their frame of reference improves the work we do. We help our customers keep perspective and seek to infuse personality, including having fun, into our role.

Fresh Perspectives

We apply fresh perspectives and industry-leading ideas to create breakthroughs. We place ourselves at the forward edge of our industry and support innovative approaches, such as through employing the smart use of technology. We share knowledge and ideas, which helps to create new solutions.

Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, we identify and deliver the sometimes hard truth in a candid manner that is forthright and constructive. We are accessible, reliable, and respectful. Integrity is central to our ethic, which results in building long-term trust. You can count on us.