• Startups desire our professionals — they are the best in the business.
  • Startups seek our content — we are the industry thought leader.
  • Startups trust our expertise — founders can focus on their unique value-add.
  • Because of our demonstrated value, our clients have raised $14.4B+.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide how we run Burkland and how we interact with our clients, partners, and each other.

Fresh Perspectives

We apply fresh perspectives, curiosity and industry leading ideas to create breakthroughs. We place ourselves at the leading edge of our industry and support innovative approaches, such as the smart use of technology. We share our extensive knowledge and ideas, which helps to create new and improved solutions.


As experts with significant background in the startup ecosystem, we share in the experiences of our clients, partners, and teammates. We can relate to their point of view. Understanding their frame of reference improves how we support and interact with others. We help keep perspective and seek to infuse personality and fun into our role.

Exponential Value

We take the time to understand the central issues and pain points in order to craft solutions that address core challenges. We have the experience, expertise and relationships to drive significant results. We push ourselves to continually expand the boundaries of success, ask tough, probing questions, and perform hard-hitting work. We add meaningful value through our interactions with stakeholders, including clients, VCs, and service provider partners.

Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, we identify and deliver the sometimes hard truth in a candid manner that is forthright and constructive. We are accessible, reliable, and respectful. Integrity is central to our ethic, which results in building long-term trust. You can count on us.