Burkland Delivers Smarter Finance for Startups from Seed to Scale:

Pre-Seed & Seed Stage

Accounting & Tax
  • Build financial systems
  • Set up HR, payroll and banking partners
  • Implement financial controls
  • Corporate tax requirements and deadlines
  • Organization of financial files
  • Set up monthly reporting
  • Collections Processes to Maximize Efficiency

Series A

Accounting & Tax
CFO Services
  • Financial modeling and long range planning
  • Assessing revenue model and unit economics
  • Fundraising project plan
  • Investor presentation
  • Cap tables, valuation and equity dilution
  • Series A fundraising overview and current trends
  • Series A term sheets

Series B

Accounting & Tax
CFO Services
  • Venture debt
  • Financial metrics and data analytics
  • Preparing for an audit
  • Continuous Financial Intelligence
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Annual financial planning & forecasting
  • Board financial reporting packages
  • Financial metrics and benchmarking
  • GAAP accounting and revenue recognition
  • Sales compensation structures
  • Quarterly review of metrics
  • Series B fundraising overview & current trends
  • Series B term sheets

Series C & Beyond

Accounting & Tax
CFO Services
  • Financial metrics and data analytics
  • Potential international expansion
  • Financial guidance for strategic decisions
  • Merger & Acquisition assistance if needed
  • Board / Investor presentations
  • Continuous Financial Intelligence
  • Series C fundraising overview and current trends
  • Series C term sheets