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What Startups Should Do Now to Come Out of the COVID Downturn Stronger
In this podcast, Burkland fractional CFO Mike Kaswan goes over important strategies and tactical advice for startups. He shares advice on how startups can come out of the COVID downturn stronger and positioned to excel. Mike explains how this is an opportunity for startups to re-set, what that really means, and how this can be a real benefit. Read More
Practical & Tactical Advice for Startups to Succeed in this Downturn
Dan Rosenbaum, one of Burkland's seasoned CFOs on the East Coast provides "hands-on" practical and tactical advice for startups. Dan highlights what startups need to do today to succeed in this downturn. Dan provides a lot of real-world examples from his CFO and business experience. Dan also draws on what he is seeing today from his startup clients that is working well and positioning them for growth during this downturn. Read More
Finding a Way to Win in a Downturn: Lessons for Startups from the Last Downturn
Join Burkland's Chief Knowledge Officer, Steve Lord, as he interviews Darius Mirshahzadeh, Former CEO of The Money Source and a Core Value Driven Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor and Author of the newly released book - The Core Value of Equation: A Framework to Drive Results, Create Limitless Scale and Win the War for Talent. Read More
Preparing to Raise Capital in the Post-COVID-19 Landscape
Debbie Rosler and Reynolds Morgan from Burkland speak with Greg White, Sway Ventures, about the right accounting systems for startups as they prepare to raise capital in the post-COVID-19 outbreak landscape. Rosler answers these questions in this short podcast: What’s the best timing for startups… Read More
Business Finance Friends Interview: Building Financial Systems for Startups
Business Finance Friends, is a podcast hosted by Kate Wilson and Derek Cheng of Tipalti. In this episode, Wilson and Cheng interview Peter Chouinard, Managing Director of Burkland’s consumer group and an expert on-demand CFO. Peter talks about his experience in pure finance and accounting. Read More
How is COVID-19 Affecting Venture Funding for Startups?
In this podcast, Burkland talks with a few leading venture capitalists about the impact COVID-19 is having on venture funding for startups. Host Ruben Austin, Burkland SPONSORS Silicon Valley Bank Fenwick & West VENTURE FUNDING PANELISTS Kunal Mehta, Hearst Ventures Jake Yormak, Story Ventures Wendy Xiao Schadeck, North Zone KEY… Read More