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How to Mitigate HR Risks & Attract and Retain Talent
Most early-stage companies don’t have the resources to bring HR in-house. If you have fewer than 50 employees, full-fledged HR is not that realistic. But employing the right initial best practices can provide HUGE benefits during the early days of your company! HR is NEEDED to create shared norms, values,… Read More
Venture Debt: How it has Changed for Startups
Let’s talk about debt. Specifically, venture debt. Venture debt is debt financing that has traditionally been used by startups alongside equity financing as a way to provide more capital to the balance sheet in order to extend their runway. Today startups use debt financing much more strategically and for different… Read More
What the Second Covid Relief Bill & PPP Updates Mean for Your Startup
On December 21, 2020, U.S. Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which includes the second Covid relief package. In this episode of Startup Success, host Kate Adams chats with Steven Lord, head of Burkland’s New York office and Fintech Practice, and Ardy Esmaeili, CPA, head of… Read More
What Startups Should Do Now to Come Out of the COVID Downturn Stronger
In this podcast, Burkland fractional CFO Mike Kaswan goes over important strategies and tactical advice for startups. He shares advice on how startups can come out of the COVID downturn stronger and positioned to excel. Mike explains how this is an opportunity for startups to re-set, what that really means, and how this can be a real benefit. Read More