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Client Reviews

Our Burkland CFO was a true partner to me and to the business. As a cofounder and CEO this is a crucial dynamic to fully understand the state and health of the business plus instill confidence in my Board and with my investors. Our CFO was instrumental as we scaled and through our complex acquisition. I highly recommend Burkland and would not hesitate to work with them again.
Bob Kruse, CEO & Founder, Revelstoke
We use a lot of Burkland's services - CFO, Accounting, People Operations, Finance Operations, and payroll. Burkland has been a game-changer for us. They have helped structure our business across the board.
Victor Schwartz, CEO &. Co-Founder, Sonara AI
I enthusiastically recommend Burkland Associates, especially their associate, Bryan Sinkel, he is an indispensable member of our Finance team. Burkland and Bryan's exceptional expertise, strategic thinking, and dedication have not only streamlined our financial planning processes but have consistently driven our success. Through insightful analysis and partnership, he has set a high standard for excellence, making him an irreplaceable thought partner in shaping our strategic decisions and financial growth. Thank you, Burkland & Bryan!
Jackie Edmundson, COO, Stealth Venture Labs
Working with Burkland has been invaluable for helping me grow my business. They cover a wide base so I can focus on what matters. The team is professional, responsive, and friendly.
Dr. Ryan Measel, CEO & Co-Founder, Fantasmo
Burkland is a true partner in our accounting needs. Vino has truly gone above and beyond since starting his work with us, and made our regular close activities and special projects truly seamless.
We can't speak highly enough about Diego, our fractional CFO from Burkland. He rapidly got his head around our business, immediately identified areas to improve, fits well culturally, and brings both integrity and efficiency to the role. We're extremely satisfied.
James Chin Moody, CEO, Sendle
Our Burkland CFO has been amazing. He helped us close a venture debt deal and convertible note. We look forward to his support in raising our next financing round.
Luca Zambello, CEO, Jurny
We love working with the team at Burkland & Associates. The three partners we work with are extremely dedicated to our success and knowledgeable about a wide array of topics we bring to them. Bryan, one of our financial partners, has been an incredible thought leader, helping us advance our financial planning process and build dynamic models. His responsiveness and commitment to our business has been a huge asset throughout our strategic planning. Thank you, Bryan, and the Burkland team - we love working with you!
Alicia Wetmore, COO, TipTop
We wished we hired Burkland 6 months earlier, their strategic accounting, CFO and HR services have been instrumental to scaling our streaming business.
Lauren DeVillier, Founder and CEO, Struum
We have been so blessed to have Kim, our Burkland CFO, as part of our team! She has been an incredible supporter and champion for us in addition to doing incredible work in Finance! Thank you again to the entire team for being part of our journey!
Tarja Stephens, Co-Founder & CEO, Mission Impact
"There's so many wonderful things I can say about Burkland and Steve Lord. Jadu is a Help Desk client and the value is all in the name, Steve has consistently helped us navigate all sorts of pitfalls and unique situations. I can't even imagine meeting Steve a month later than we did! Our meetings are truly the highlight of my week, I'm so happy we found Burkland!"
Natalie Testa, VP of Finance, Jadu
Aaron’s been awesome to work with, super responsive, able to crank things out quickly and efficiently. He thinks about issues that probably would not have occurred to me, which is a tremendous asset at our early stage.
Asher Weiss, CEO, Tixologi
Burkland is the singular source we rely on for financial accuracy.
Khalid Meniri, Founder & CEO of Selfbook
Burkland team has been a great support for our early-stage Web3 startup challenges, which are a bit different than the traditional tech startup challenges. [Our Burkland CFO] Steve has deep insights about Web3 space which really gives me peace of mind as I run my day to day operations. Knowledgable and experienced partners that you can trust are real deal when you are running an early-stage startup.
Binici Kaya, CEO, RCM Labs
We work with a CFO, Bookkeeper and now a People Operations specialist through Burkland's Consumer Group and all add real value to our team.
David Hoffman, CEO, Build with Beam
Burkland has top notch staff. Very efficient and knowledgeable.
Terry Lane, CEO, Circulo Health
Burkland has been a great partner for the last 5+ years. Prompt, dependable, resourceful, and insightful. We'd be at a loss without them.
Doug Kreuzkamp, Founder & CEO, Springshot
Burkland has exceeded our expectations, and I can confidently recommend Burkland as a great fractional finance/accounting partner for VC-backed startups.
Lior Ehrenfeld, VP Finance and Ops, Pinecone
Burkland was a true strategic partner during our growth. Our Burkland accountant and CFO were extremely responsive and it was apparent they understood our business well. Our Burkland accountant modernized and put in scalable accounting systems. Prior to engaging Burkland our bookkeeping was a pain point and this allowed us to focus on our business. Our Burkland CFO developed a financial model that we used for planning and analysis. Our CFO also provided financial guidance and was instrumental during our acquisition. Burkland exceeded our expectations.
Feras Alhlou, Co-Founder, E-Nor
Monj uses Burkland for CFO, accounting, tax, and now people operations services. Burkland is a true partner to Monj. Using Burkland for financial guidance and tactical operations support allows us to focus on our customer offerings and growing our business.
Adam DeVito, CEO, Monj
We couldn't be happier with Burkland as a partner - working with Elmar gives me total peace of mind and I can rely on him for key strategic advice when I need it. They are a core part our operational stack and have been great to work with.
Matt Osman, Co-Founder, Treat
Burkland gave us the strategic finance we needed at key stages of scaling our company. One of the best decisions I made early on!
Peter Reinhardt, CEO, Segment
Working with Burkland is working with a true partner. Burkland quickly onboarded to our team and helped us overcome some hurdles. We were able to make some critical decisions with Burkland's financial guidance. Bringing on Burkland as our part-time CFO has truly helped us grow strategically.
Rob Brewster, CEO, GoFormz
Plutoshift engages Burkland for CFO, accounting, and tax services and recently added People Operations as well. Having a fractional resource working on our HR core needs has proven to be as helpful and beneficial as the other Burkland services we use.
Prateek Joshi, CEO, Plutoshift
Our Burkland CFO Dorian is one of the best things to happen to our business in the last 3 months. We are beyond thrilled with her and she is having a meaningful impact on our business. 
Steven Aldrich, CEO, Ragnarok
Burkland has been our trusted accounting and finance partner since our seed round. Our CFO, Elmar Jakoby, immediately became a trusted partner and a valuable member of the team, I would recommend their services to any growing startup.
John Milburn, CEO, Clear Skye
You always treat us like we are a top priority, even though we have to be one of the smallest companies in your portfolio. Thank you for giving us top-notch bookkeeping!
Tim Speicher, Co-Founder, Buoy
Before outsourcing our HR and Finance management, we experienced pain points that many startups do: a lack of organization, communication, and information consolidation across our administrative departments. To alleviate this, we recruited the folks at Burkland to take over our CFO and People Operations. Partnering with Burkland Associates has allowed our small company to streamline our hiring processes, greatly improve contractual and financial organization, and optimize employee benefits. We are very satisfied with the energy and expertise Burkland has introduced to our small team. Thank you for making People and Financial operations a breeze!
Bella Kidd, Director of Operations
The Burkland part-time CFO model works perfectly for our company. We have the resources we need when we need them at just the right level. Our CFO understands our business.  He is attentive, available, dependable. I couldn't ask for more.
Lisa Vann, CEO, MeetingPlay
Ava Labs engaged a Burkland CFO to help with a historic offering, strategic planning, budgeting, controls and conducted a scenario planning analysis during the COVID crisis. The successful engagement led Ava Labs to hire the Burkland CFO, and a Burkland team continues to support him.
Kevin Sekniqi, Ava Labs
Working with Burkland for the second time I had confidence that they would deliver, and they have. They completed an initial assessment of our finance needs in a short period of time then quickly began to execute. The division of responsibility between the Burkland CFO and Burkland bookkeeper is clear and clean. I especially appreciate the solutions-oriented mindset they bring to their work.
Laura Plato, Chief Solutions Officer, VolunteerMatch
The Burkland team integrates with the business quickly and balances the priorities well. They are always ready to help their clients with recommendations and good business practices.
Retaining an interim CFO is a very important role for a fast-growing company like Particle.  When our full-time CFO was subsequently hired he commented that he had never been so thoroughly and informatively onboarded as he was by the departing Burkland CFO.  Finance at Particle experienced a night and day improvement thanks to Peter, our interim Burkland CFO.
Zach Supalla, Founder & CEO, Particle.io
Our full-time Burkland Interim CFO was awesome. Everybody liked him. He was really a great leader. I would recommend him to anyone.
Babak Hedayati, CEO, TapClicks
Burkland has been a trustworthy, reliable team to me, and I’ve built a solid relationship with my CFO.  
Nishika de Rosairo, CEO & Founder. HumanQ
Amazing customer service! The team has gone above and beyond for us, even as a smaller client startup.
Vernon Howard, CEO & Founder, Hallo
We’ve been impressed by the competence of Burkland’s staff, their responsiveness, and the high degree of interaction.
Stan Sloane, CEO, Frequency Electronics
I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to get a recommendation for Burkland from another entrepreneur. I was considering Pilot, but these guys are worlds better–more cost-effective, they help educate you, and if you need something last minute they are very responsive and flexible. I would highly recommend them to any early-stage company. I will not have to hire someone full time now for a while.
Meredith Harris, CEO, Rivet
Burkland has been great to work with. Their founder helped us build our financial model that helped us raise our Series A. We subsequently signed up with Burkland for accounting services and they did a great job getting our financials in order. We now use them for monthly bookkeeping, controller and accounts receivable work and I highly recommend them for all three. We're always prepared for discussions with potential acquirers and investors thanks to Burkland.
Sunil Saha, Co-Founder and CEO, Perkville
Burkland has been a trusted partner for Blendid through our early days in 2018. Their team has been able to quickly scale with us as we've brought on new partners, audited our business for fundraising and done tax filings over multiple years of operation. We're happy to have them as part of our extended team.
Vipin Jain, CEO, Blendid
Monika [our Burkland accountant] has been great. Super responsible and very on top of things. She is uncovering a ton of issues that we had with our previous accountant.
Dan Chao, President, Core Loop
You all have been great to work with. I consider Tarik as part of our team.
John Wade, CEO, Preclusio
Simply stated, it is wonderful working with Bobby as our CFO. He brings a strategic perspective even to mundane, practical items. I can trust that he is always looking through that strategic lens. His expertise with the various finance tools we rely on to run our business is incredible, yielding time savings and important insights. Suneet, our Burkland bookkeeper, is very professional and super responsive. Burkland is an invaluable finance partner for Inflammatix.
Jonathan Romanowsky Co-Founder and COO, Inflammatix
We are absolutely thrilled to have Amy Anderson [Burkland Accounting Manager] on our team. From day one, she has been a critical asset to our company, helping to build out our entire accounting and bookkeeping practice. She has also served as a wealth of knowledge for myself and my business partner, teaching us more than we ever could have imagined about the financial state of our business. She is always available to talk and is always more than generous with her time, staying until she's confident that we've received all of the information that we need.
Bijan Gharavi , COO / Managing Partner, House of Spoils
Burkland supports Welkin Health with monthly bookkeeping, technical accounting, and tax services. Ardy and Vinoth work seamlessly and efficiently with us. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, accountability, and professionalism makes them the perfect extension of our team. I highly recommend their services.
Joe Oest, VP of Finance, Welkin Health
Burkland has been terrific for our company. Our CFO Aaron has expertly guided us through the startup minefield, and he is having a material impact on our business.
Shannon Bender, Co-founder and CEO, Apostrophe
My company contracted Burkland to help finalize our 2019 financials. Paul played a significant role in designing our accounting/finance, account integrations, management of cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets. As a result of Paul’s work, my team now has a reliable AR and AP workflow, setting us up for a smooth 2020! Not only is Paul a capable and efficient teammate, but he is also just an all-around fantastic guy, and I would highly recommend Paul and Burkland to other teams!
Ethan Barhydt, Co-founder and CEO at VoiceOps
Kim has been really supportive. We are amazing together. Her input has positively impacted the product and made us rethink its core elements. She is essential to our success. The flexibility and support you give for startups are amazing.
Laura Phipps, CEO and Founder, Bidonow
Burkland's team has been instrumental in offloading finance and people operations from us, especially important as we grow. This allows us to focus on building the product and go-to-market strategy.
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