800+ Venture-Funded Startups Across the USA Trust Burkland

Fractional CFOs

Burkland provides strategic financial guidance to 800+ venture-backed SaaS, Healthcare, Fintech and Consumer startups from Pre-Seed to Series C and beyond. Our Fractional CFOs know how startups work, grow and secure funding to get them to the next level as they scale.

Scale your startup faster and achieve your vision sooner with strategic financial guidance from a Burkland Fractional CFO.

Meet our Fractional CFOs

Why Burkland Fractional CFOs?

Partner with experienced top-tier finance leaders for startups

  • Together Burkland CFOs have worked with more than 750 startups, 250+ of which have successfully IPO'ed or been acquired.
  • We've helped our clients raise more than $6.5B in venture capital.
  • Our VC network includes hundreds of partners spanning dozens of leading venture capital firms.
  • Over 70% of our CFOs have graduate degrees from institutions like Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Brown, UCLA, University of Chicago, Duke, University of Michigan, and Yale.
  • Burkland CFOs average over 20 years of professional experience each.
  • Our CFOs maintain an active Slack channel, constantly sharing questions, best practices, tools, techniques, and tips so our clients receive the benefit of Burkland's collective CFO brain power.
  • Burkland CFOs participate in frequent Knowledgeshare sessions to learn new technologies, industry trends, regulatory changes, and more.
  • Our CFO team is supported by a team of accountants and tax providers who are current on the latest best practices, regulations and tax laws.
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