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Financial Planning & Analysis

Your startup’s data is one of your most valuable assets. Leverage it wisely.
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750+ startups trust Burkland, including:

Burkland’s Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) services give your startup the agility to scale faster and smarter by leveraging your company’s data for decision-making, including data hidden beneath the surface.

While accounting and tax services look back to document what has already happened, FP&A looks ahead to plot the best course forward.

FP&A can assist your Finance Team as a stand-alone service, or in support of your fractional CFO. If your startup isn’t ready to invest in a fractional CFO, FP&A bridges the gap with solid financial modeling and real-time analytics. If you’re already working with a fractional CFO, Burkland’s FP&A services offer a cost-effective support resource to free up the CFO’s time for analysis, fundraising, process improvements, board reporting, and other strategic initiatives. FP&A team members are highly proficient in Excel and Google Sheets, pivot tables, conditional formulas, import ranges, and of course, charts and graphs.

Today’s top-performing startups use FP&A to:

  • Reduce or eliminate guesswork related to critical business decisions
  • Create open-ended models to explore the likely impacts of different decisions
  • Compare data-driven assumptions with actual results along the way
  • Tap into real-time data to be proactive instead of reactive
  • Make the best decisions with the available data in a given moment
  • Get where they want to be on their own terms
  • Scale faster and reach their goals sooner

Burkland clients have recently leveraged our FP&A services to:

  • Understand and respond to changing economic conditions
  • Identify when to pivot or adjust course to still be relevant in six months
  • Maximize runway to avoid running out of cash
  • Meet and exceed fundraising goals
  • Prevent surprises during VC due diligence
  • Fine-tune hiring plans and compensation strategies
  • Evaluate customer acquisition costs to know where to invest for growth
  • Streamline SG&A (Selling, General, and Administrative) expenses

Financial Planning & Analysis is critical to the success of any startup, regardless of size, stage, or sector. Contact Burkland to discuss how our FP&A can help you reach your goals.