Services for Startups / Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO

Scale faster and achieve your vision sooner with strategic financial guidance from your Burkland CFO

Chart Your Best Course from Seed to Venture Funding & Beyond

Grow In the Right Direction & Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

Burkland fractional CFOs are startup experts who know what’s around each corner.

Be Prepared for Your Next Fundraising Round

We know investors, and we know what they need to see to make a confident investment.

Upgrade Your Decision Support

We’ll develop the metrics, financial reporting, and modeling/planning you need.

Full Finance Tech Stack that Grows with You

Recommendations, implementation and management of a financial tech stack to meet your unique needs.

Enjoy a High Level of Service & Responsiveness

Burkland CFOs are highly-proactive. But when it’s time to react, we’re there for you.

Scale Your Finance Function as You Scale Your Startup

Our fractional CFO model is designed for growing startups. Plus, we provide accounting, tax and people operations.

Fractional CFO Services for Startups

Business Intelligence

LTV, CAC, CAC payback, MRR, ARR, pipeline, bookings, revenue, deferred revenue, TCV, ACV, COGS, GM, MAU, CMGR, churn, burn, the list goes on. Burkland pulls all critical financial metrics together. We identify which metrics matter, track them, and chart them. Our CFO services allow startups to understand business performance better and provide data for quarterly investor reporting.

Startup Fundraising

Burkland CFO services help raise capital for startups. While we can’t guarantee fundraising success, we can and do make introductions to the venture capital community. We work with founders to determine how much and what type of capital to raise, including:

  • Convertible Debt
  • SAFEs
  • Priced Rounds
  • Venture Capital

From pitch decks, to supporting due diligence work, to networking with VCs, we help secure needed funds.

Cap Table Management & Planning

Burkland keeps startup company’s cap tables current for funding rounds and stock option awards. We oversee the process of:

  • Option grants and exercises
  • Form 3921 reporting
  • 83B elections
  • QSBS tax exclusions

As part of fundraising support, we assess the impact of round sizes by modeling founder and investor dilution. We help prepare, financially, for what is ahead.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Burkland actively engages in the extensive due diligence work required during M&A transactions. During the process, we are on call 24×7, knowing that information requests can come at any time. Along with a startup client’s lawyer, we analyze deal terms and assist in negotiations.

Startup Tax Audit Support

Audits can be either a distracting time sink or an efficiently managed learning process for startups. Burkland tax services help ensure that startups maintain accurate and complete financial records year-round. This makes the audit process more about document provision than document discovery. Or, more time consuming still, document and policy creation. Burkland helps set up the data room, fills it with requested documents, and responds to auditor questions. Plus, we recommend and implement process improvements ahead of subsequent audits.

Financial Process Improvements

Growing a startup from seed to scale is a constant process of focus, review, re-prioritization, and refocus. We understand that it can be difficult for startups to prioritize business processes over finding product-market fit and getting to market. Our outsourced CFOs work with startups to prioritize and implement the key financial systems for each stage of the growth curve. When funding closes and growth explodes, the necessary systems and procedures are already in place.

Startup Compensation Planning

Attracting and hiring top talent is key to every startup’s success. Burkland CFOs help startups to structure compensation plans (base salary, variable, and equity) that align job priorities with financial incentives to excel. Our compensation work is competitive in the marketplace and internally equitable. We help assess the impact of hiring decisions on the financial model and cap table.