800+ Venture-Funded Startups Across the USA Trust Burkland

Strategic Financial Guidance for Growing Startups


Scale with Confidence

Our fractional CFOs are startup experts who know what's around each turn. We help guide your startup along the best path to success.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Annual Planning & Forecasting
  • Long-Range Financial Planning


Maximize Your Runway

Extend your operating capital as you achieve critical milestones to secure the best terms for your next funding round.


Improve Fundraising Outcomes

We know investors, and we know what they need to see to make a confident investment in your startup.

  • Fundraising KPIs
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Pitchdeck Support
  • Strategic Introductions


Focus On Your Core Business

Your fractional CFO merges seamlessly with your team, taking over the heavy lifting of financial operations so you can develop your offering and scale your business.

  • Financial Oversight
  • Process Optimization
  • Board Support

Fractional CFO Services

Early-Stage & Beyond

  • Financial modeling
  • Long-range financial planning
  • Revenue model and unit economics
  • Fundraising project plan
  • Investor presentation
  • Cap tables, valuation and equity dilution
  • Series A overview and current trends
  • Series A term sheets

Mid-Stage & Beyond

  • Venture debt
  • Financial metrics and analytics
  • Preparing for an audit
  • Continuous Financial Intelligence
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Annual planning and forecasting
  • Board reporting packages
  • Financial metrics and benchmarking
  • Sales compensation structures
  • Quarterly review of metrics
  • Series B overview and current trends
  • Series B term sheets

Late-Stage & Exit

  • Financial metrics and data analytics
  • Potential international expansion
  • Strategic decision support
  • M&A support
  • Board / Investor presentations
  • Continuous Financial Intelligence
  • Series C overview and current trends
  • Series C term sheets