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Finance Toolkit for SaaS Startups

Grow your SaaS Startup smarter and faster with this collection of free tools from Burkland and our partners.

Tools for SaaS Startups from Burkland

SaaS Metrics Simplified

A presentation covering critical SaaS metrics, how often you should track each metric, and which metrics are most relevant by startup stage.

How to Forecast SaaS Revenue

A Guide from Burkland & SaaS Optics outlines two approaches for forecasting SaaS revenue: a tops-down trendline approach and a bottoms-up revenue driver approach.

Deferred Revenue Schedule for Startups

The deferred revenue schedule is an important tool to manage cash flow and ensure your startup's financial statements accurately reflect its position.

Tools for SaaS Startups from Our Partners

2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report from OpenView Venture Partners

The 2023 Product Benchmarks report includes insights from a record-breaking 1,000 participants. Benchmarkit explored what’s changed in the world of PLG adoption, growth levers, PLG tooling, product funnel metrics, and much more.

How to Value a SaaS Company

This white paper is written for entrepreneurs, angel investors, and the management teams of SaaS businesses. The intent of the paper is to describe the approach used by most professional investors and strategic buyers to value a SaaS company.