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Finance Toolkit for SaaS Startups

Grow your SaaS Startup smarter and faster with this collection of free tools from Burkland and our partners.

Tools for SaaS Startups from Burkland

SaaS Metrics Simplified

A presentation covering critical SaaS metrics, how often you should track each metric, and which metrics are most relevant by startup stage.

Sales Tax on SaaS: A Checklist & State-By-State Guide for Startups

Even if your home state does not collect sales tax on SaaS software, the state where your subscriber lives just might.

3 Important Efficiency Metrics for SaaS Startups

Important efficiency metrics for SaaS startups include Sales Efficiency (aka the Magic Number), Human Capital Efficiency, and Capital Efficiency.

How to Forecast SaaS Revenue

A Guide from Burkland & SaaS Optics that outlines two approaches for forecasting SaaS revenue: a tops-down trendline approach and a bottoms-up revenue driver approach.

Burkland Contract Log & Revenue Recognition Tracker

Tool in helping to calculate ARR – includes templates for getting ARR metrics

The 3 Ps of Revenue Quality for SaaS Startups

Predictability, profitability, and plurality are crucial indicators of revenue quality for an early-stage SaaS business.

How Much ARR Does My SaaS Startup Need for Our Next Round?

The answer can be found in your Capital Efficiency Ratio.

Financial Benchmarks for SaaS Startups, a Self-Assessment Tool

Wondering how your SaaS startup compares to others?

Deferred Revenue Schedule

The deferred revenue schedule is an important tool to manage cash flow and ensure your startup’s financial statements accurately reflect its position.


Tools for SaaS Startups from Our Partners

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