Tools for Startups

Cash Runway Extension Toolkit

Tools to help startups survive today and thrive tomorrow, whatever it brings.

Your cash runway is more important in this current environment than ever before.

Many of today’s startup founders have only operated in an environment of aggressive growth. The context has shifted dramatically this year, and startups must quickly pivot accordingly. In this current environment, startups need to ‘up their game’ on finance and accounting.

The fractional CFO team at Burkland has compiled a list of important tools to help you extend your startup’s cash runway.

  1. Need More Runway? 5 Steps to Extend Cash
  2. 3 Tools to Extend Your Startup’s Cash Runway
  3. Scenario Planning Template
    (First Round)
  4. Forecasting and Waterfall Analysis
  5. Strategies for Reducing Costs
  6. Improving Collections in a Crisis
  7. How Startups Can Make $1M Per Year Doing Nothing
  8. Dimensions of a Basic Treasury Policy for Venture-Backed Startups


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