Ramon Simms

Ramon Simms is the Managing Director of Burkland's CFO Practice and is an experienced startup CFO with a demonstrated history in operations, product, engineering, and finance.

Ramon Simms has a nearly 20-year track record in finance, analytics, and entrepreneurship. He started his career in Investment Banking, structuring, modeling, and eventually managing hundreds of millions of dollars in deals for Fortune 100 clients at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He later was recruited to its Capital Markets team, where he managed a secondary and proprietary portfolio of over $1B on his way to becoming a Vice President and head of a trading desk. Prior to Burkland, Ramon operated in a variety of critical roles at early-stage startups working with founding CEOs. He has led and/or managed finance, accounting, operations, and growth departments and teams, through standup, scaling, and acquisition phases. 

Ramon’s expertise covers strategic and operational decision-making and execution in high-growth, high-volatility environments. It is informed by his Wall Street background, his past experience as a Fintech and SMB founder, and his consulting work with over 20 early-stage startups. As a CFO partner, Ramon can help you build a model from cell A1, design your metrics infrastructure, prepare for your next fundraise, or talk you through quantifying critical business decisions.

Ramon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Financial Economics from James Madison University with summa cum laude distinction. He also has an MBA from The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. For continuing education, Ramon is pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Data Science and he holds a Data Science Fellowship from Correlation One. 

Outside of finance at Burkland, Ramon is an avid music and art appreciator. He likes to stay physically active by boxing, rowing, and playing basketball. He gives back to the community as a board member at BUILD.org (youth entrepreneurship) and at Family Support Services (caregiver support).