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M&A Resources for Startups

M&A resources to help your startup secure the best deal, negotiate favorable terms, and mitigate potential risks.

Being prepared for a merger or acquisition can help startups secure better deals, negotiate favorable terms, and mitigate any potential risks. A well-prepared startup can also expect a seamless integration process and reduce the chances of facing post-merger failures.

Burkland compiled the following lists of M&A resources to help startups prepare for successful mergers and acquisitions.

M&A Resources for Startups from Burkland

  1. Selling Your Startup: Internal Preparations
    In this first installment of our recent M&A Considerations series, we discuss major themes for sellers to consider in preparation for any interested third parties.
  2. Selling Your Startup: External Preparations
    In this second installment of our recent M&A Considerations series, we explored steps management can take outside of the firm to cultivate interest and preparedness.
  3. Would My Startup Survive Due Diligence?
    The same issues that can derail a promising funding round can also derail an M&A opportunity. In our Surviving Due Diligence series we look at common pitfalls related to sales tax, employee classifications, cap tables, and quality of earnings.
  4. The Playbook for Companies Looking for M&A Solutions
    M&A expert Lowell Ricklefs joined our Startup Success podcast to share his insights on the key factors that founders looking for an M&A solution should focus on. He outlines the playbook of a typical M&A process and does a deep dive into M&A strategies for SaaS companies.

More M&A Resources for Startups

  1. Unlocking the M&A code: 5 factors that can make (or break) a deal
    From revenue strategies to refactoring, TechCrunch breaks down five critical factors for any M&A deal.
  2. How to Sell Your Startup: The Complete Guide to Running an M&A Process as a Founder
    In this exclusive interview with First Round Financial, Daniel Debow opens up his playbook for running an M&A process at a startup.
  3. M&A Strategy Advice for Startup Founders & CEOs
    A great M&A strategy is a must for startup founders and CEOs seeking a big exit. These tips from Norwest Venture Partners can offer leaders what they need to make the right calls.
  4. Preparing Your Startup for the Next M&A Wave
    Harvard Business Review explains that to prepare for the next M&A wave, you need to see your startup through the eyes of a potential acquirer.
  5. From IPOs to M&A: Navigating the Different Types of Liquidity Events
    Understand what a liquidity event is, its significance for companies and investors, and the different types of events that can lead to cashing out investments.

A merger or acquisition can provide a favorable exit pathway for your startup, as well as a pathway to access new markets, technologies, and resources that can accelerate your growth. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of a successful M&A deal. Contact Burkland to request more information about how our startup finance team can help you.

M&A Success Story: Segment’s acquisition by Twilio for $3.2B is another success story for a well-respected startup. Segment managed growth and scaled, and then achieved an exit many startups seek. Learn about Burkland’s role in the acquisition.