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Startup Downturn Playbook: Finance Best Practices in Uncertain Times

Keep your ear to the ground, extend your runway, adjust your fundraising expectations, and build scenario plans

As we head into a potential economic downturn, startups face more uncertainties in their business and VC fundraising prospects. In this climate, it is wise for startups to implement a downturn playbook to prepare for various financial impacts and build contingencies proactively. I have built a presentation that reviews a recommended downturn playbook for startups. The presentation covers four steps when building a downturn playbook.

Startup Downturn Playbook

  1. Keep your ear to the ground
  2. Adjust your fundraising expectations
  3. Know your runway and seek to extend
  4. Build scenario plans

For more details on each step, contact me to request a copy of the full presentation.