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Burkland's Four Core Values

We are guided by a set of operating principles that constitute Burkland's core values. This article explores how they guide us and why they are important.

The Power of Values

We believe that an organization’s strength starts with their core values and with their employees that represent them. At Burkland we take our core values very seriously. They are the foundation of our business and guide us in all of our decision making.

One of Burkland’s strengths is our team of  outsourced CFOs. Our CFOs bring a high level of expertise to the table to perfectly match a startup’s unique financial needs, and they also all embody Burkland’s core values.

Our core values are embodied in every Burkland employee, enabling us to become a true partner to our clients.

Burkland’s Four Core Values:

  1. Exponential Value
    We take the time to understand the central issues and pain points in order to craft solutions that address core challenges.  We have the experience, expertise and connections to drive significant results. We push ourselves to continually expand the boundaries of success, ask tough, probing questions and perform hard-hitting work. We are focused on identifying and improving the key drivers that substantially increase value.
  2. Empathy
    As part of our extended community and our customer’s team, we share the experiences that come with their business. Understanding their frame of reference improves the work we do. We help our customers keep perspective and seek to infuse personality, including having fun, into our role.
  3. Fresh Perspectives
    We apply fresh perspectives and industry leading ideas to create breakthroughs. We place ourselves at the forward edge of our industry and support innovative approaches, such as through employing the smart use of technology.  We share knowledge and ideas, which helps to create new solutions.
  4. Trusted Partner
    As a trusted partner, we identify and deliver the sometimes hard truth in a candid manner that is forthright and constructive. We are accessible, reliable, and respectful. Integrity is central to our ethic, which results in building long-term trust.
    You can count on us.