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Fintech Landscape in 2022: Insights from a Fintech Co-Founder

Travis Hedge, Co-Founder at Vouch Insurance, joins Steve Lord, Burkland’s Fintech Practice Lead to discuss the Fintech landscape in 2022.

In 2021 no single industry received more investment than financial services and most predict that 2022 will be another banner investment year for the Fintech sector.

To guide you through the opportunities and challenges, special guest host Steve Lord, Burkland’s Fintech Practice Lead, welcomes Travis Hedge, Co-Founder at Vouch Insurance (YC S19). The two discuss the Fintech startup sector, how the influx of talent impacts the industry, why you should look at your company through the lens of de-risking your business, and how the best investors support Fintech startups.

We discuss:

  • The trends in Fintech for 2022
  • The growing appeal of the Fintech sector
  • The importance of de-risking your business
  • How the best Fintech investors provide value to the business

Reach out to Travis on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/travishedge and visit vouch.us for more information.

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