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Bookkeeping & Accounting for Startups

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Accounts Receivable

Managing a startup’s AR closely is critical to scaling. Burkland implements and manages financial systems, policies, and procedures to:

  • Issue invoices
  • Track outstanding invoices
  • Collect payments

Burkland’s Accounts Receivable procedures are specifically designed for startups. We recommend payment policies to manage cash flow, and we provide detailed reporting to proactively identify potential problems or trends.

Accounts Payable

Burkland sets up and manages startup systems, policies, and procedures to approve, pay, and track bills. Payments are delivered on-time, coded correctly, and tracked to spot discrepancies and trends. AP reporting for startups provides trending financial information and helps manage cash flow.

Payroll Integration

Burkland’s bookkeeping and accounting services team will develop an efficient process, preferably through online synchronization, to input and analyze:

  • Payroll payments
  • Employee benefits
  • Liabilities
  • Compensation analysis

Our payroll integration provides extra scalability support and fraud controls for startups.

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Bank Reconciliation

Burkland’s accounting services team reconciles bank statements monthly, so startup clients never have to worry about financial discrepancies. Burkland sets up and manages individual tagging transactions within accounting software to ensure an exact match to bank and credit card statements. Burkland mitigates fraud while startups scale by implementing accounting for startups correctly.

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Startup Financial Reporting

Burkland accounting services provide startups with critical benchmarks and data to analyze during strategic financial decisions. Our startup financial reporting includes:

  • Monthly & quarterly reports
  • Annual reports
  • Profit and loss report
  • Balance sheet cash flow report

Credit Card payment / ACH integration

Burkland implements the online connections to automatically import Credit Card or ACH payment information into accounting software. This improves scalability and can also be an excellent fraud control.

Expense Report Integration

Burkland sets up and manages online accounting services connections. Automatically importing expenses and payments supports scalability and fraud monitoring.

Month-End Close

Burkland develops and executes a monthly checklist to ensure that financial records and tax reporting are accurate.


Burkland implements, manages and teaches collections best practices. Collections services reduce outstanding invoices and late payments. We work to improve:

  • Turnover ratio
  • Collections effectiveness index
  • Reduction in days sales outstanding
  • Average days delinquent

International Advisory Services

With our multinational network and deep global experience, Burkland helps companies to align their expansion strategies to their business internationally through advisory and compliance services. Services we help our clients implement include:

  • International accounting consolidations
  • Intercompany reconciliations
  • International staffing/process structuring
  • Assisting cross-border operations
  • International tax planning (VAT/GST)
  • International financial reporting
  • Transfer pricing and cross-borders mergers and acquisitions