Peace of Mind from Seed to Scale

Burkland’s tax services for startups provide year-round guidance and peace of mind at tax time.

  • R&D Tax Credit Analysis
  • Startup Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning & Consulting
  • Tax Compliance


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Startup Tax Preparation

Burkland provides estimated income tax calculations for startups. We prepare:

  • Federal income tax returns
  • State income tax returns

Burkland works to make sure startups benefit from available tax regulations and codes. We also make tax preparation suggestions with future tax implications in mind. Use our Startup Tax Preparation Cost Calculator to see a free tax preparation cost estimate.

R&D Tax Credit Analysis

The Research and Development Tax Credit is a government-sponsored tax incentive that rewards companies for conducting R&D in the USA. The credit incentivizes innovation throughout the economy and to keep technical jobs here in the USA. The credit can be claimed against the income tax liability or payroll tax if a company qualifies. Burkland’s tax preparation services help determine if startups qualify for the credit. Use our R&D Tax Credit Calculator see how much your startup may be able to save with the R&D Tax Credit.

Tax Compliance

Burkland assesses and prepares startups for all federal, state, and local tax matters. This includes:

  • Sales & use tax
  • Payroll tax
  • R&D tax credit refund
  • Delaware annual reporting
  • Business property tax
  • Other business taxes and related issues

Startup Tax Planning & Consulting

Burkland’s tax services include a full analysis of financial situations. We develop a plan for startups from a tax perspective to ensure tax efficiency. If a startup is facing tax-related problems, Burkland can help to solve them. We research tax topics to address tax-related issues within corresponding governing laws. We also provide IRS and State tax audit representation.