Closed your A Round? Use these tips to start your B round now.

The time gap between celebrating your A Round funding and starting work on the next one is at most, a weekend long.  The B Round is the tougher round and the time to start preparing was yesterday.

We find This presentation by Jed Katz (, who is the managing director at Javelin Venture Partners ( good at explaining how to do that. Jed posits that your next round of financing is much closer than you think, which catches some Founders by surprise. To prepare, he gives tips on setting 12-month goals, making cash last, managing & leveraging your Board, creating separate roadmaps for Sales & Engineering, and using the right metrics. Note how creating a brand serves recruits and investors in addition to customers. We especially like his final "words of wisdom,” that, unlike the perfunctory summary in some presentations, are useful and action-oriented.

These are valuable tips from a VC pro who's seen everything. Check them out.