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Should Your Startup Use a PEO?

There are important reasons why your startup should use a PEO vs. a self-service model.

Employment laws are changing quickly. PEOs invest huge amounts of resources into legal support to interpret new employment laws and continually update their programs to ensure federal, state and local compliance. Enrolling in a PEO plan mitigates your legal and financial risk while providing competitive benefits to your startup.

A recent white paper published by the NAPEO stated PEOs on average provide a 7% annual ROI ($1,775 savings annually per employee), and reduce employee turnovers by an average of 20%.
If your company falls into one or more of these categories, you should be on or exploring a PEO:
  • 2-200 Employees in 2 or more US states
  • Growth projections of 10% or greater
  • High turnover
  • Remote / hybrid workforce
  • Multi-state workforce
  • Multi-international workforce
  • VC/PE Backed

Already Have a PEO But Not Sure It's the Best Plan for Your Startup?

PEO Optimization chart showing a breakdown optimization categories

Deliver more value for your PEO dollars

Save money, boost your benefits and improve employee satisfaction. Burkland helps you analyze, optimize and negotiate each facet of your PEO.

  • Manage risk
  • Save money
  • Scale fast
  • Improve benefits
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Reduce turnover
  • Simplify payroll

4-Stage PEO Optimization Service

Dedicated and personalized service helps to contain costs, reduce turn over, improve productivity and increase profitability.

  • Stage 1
    Client Consult
  • Stage 2
    PEO Health Check
  • Stage 3
    Shop PEO Options
  • Stage 4
    PEO Upgrade

Burkland will assess your startup’s current PEO provider and plan to determine whether or not it is competitive to other PEOs and the best fit for your business.

Based on our assessment, we may recommend:

  • Changes to your current plan to lower existing PEO costs while improving performance
  • GTM to explore more competitive pricing
  • Transitioning to a new PEO provider when change is the better solution

Our PEO Optimization module runs approximately 90 business days, and we always begin with the end in mind. At the end of the fourth stage, your employees will be enrolled in their new PEO’s benefits programs, and all back-office payment, payroll reporting, and infrastructure will be complete.