Startups: Trends & Outlooks for the Future w/ Sean Jacobsohn

Jeff Burkland talks with Norwest Venture Partners' Sean Jacobsohn about strategies for startup success, trends, and outlooks for the future.

The downturn that has dominated the new cycle doesn’t bring a lot of positivity and can have investors and founders feeling nervous.

However, the financial flux doesn’t need to be a negative. Sean Jacobsohn, Partner at Norwest Venture Partners, sees the positives within the changing market and how it can benefit companies with fewer competitors in a niche space.

In this special episode, Burkland’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Burkland, talks with Sean about strategies for startup success, trends and outlooks for the future.

  • Sean’s philosophy on why a strong go-to-market strategy is critical
  • The current startup landscape and how investors are reacting
  • How high valuation is affecting fundraising’s demand environment
  • Why a downturn can be a positive for founders in a niche market

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Find Sean on LinkedIn and visit Norwest Venture Partners.