Revenue-Based Financing: Alternative Funding Routes for Startups

Carlos Antequera, CEO of Novel Capital, shares insights on revenue-based financing and advice for founders on the startup journey.

Unless you’ve been through the startup journey before, it’s difficult to know how, and just as importantly, when to acquire capital.

With the right amount of capital from the right investor at the right time, you can significantly influence your company’s growth.

Carlos Antequera, and his firm, Novel Capital, help entrepreneurs solve that riddle.

In this episode, Carlos shares how his early startup experiences led to the discovery of a gap in the funding ecosystem, and why revenue-based financing is an actionable alternative route for startups. Plus, he shares insights and advice for other founders on the startup journey.

We discuss:

  • The challenges startups face in acquiring capital to grow
  • The gaps in the financial structure ecosystem
  • How revenue-based financing works
  • Other emerging trends in the startup ecosystem

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