How to Leverage Your Network for Funding & More: Plus the Scoop on Techstars

Our guest this week, John Hill, Evangelist at Techstars, shares actionable advice on how founders can build and leverage their network.

Unlock the secrets of using your network to supercharge funding, new prospects, and growth with this episode of Startup Success!

Our guest this week is John Hill, Evangelist at Techstars. John shares his expertise on how founders can build and leverage their network — real actionable advice for startup founders. We’ll also hear what Techstars looks for in a startup as well as John’s advice for founders after working with Techstars for over nine years.

We discuss:

  • How to not only build your network but leverage it for real needs – funding, prospects, knowledge share, and more
  • John’s advice for where founders should focus their attention
  • Actionable steps to take today to maximize your network
  • How Techstars evaluates startups

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