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From Founder to CEO: Lessons From Someone Who Has Made the Transition

Alex Frommeyer, Founder & CEO of Beam Dental, shares how he navigated the transition from successful founder to effective CEO and the important lessons he learned along the way.

As a startup scales, there’s a difficult transition that entrepreneurs must make—from founder to CEO. Not making that adjustment can spell trouble for both the leader and the company as a whole.

Educating us on how to navigate that transition is Alex Frommeyer, Founder & CEO of Beam Dental. He explains how early struggles led him to realize he needed to become a better leader and shares the lessons he learned while making the transition from successful founder to effective CEO.

We discuss:

  • How Alex’s leadership struggles nearly led to the demise of his company
  • Why it’s essential to transition from founder to CEO
  • Two best practices for transitioning from founder to CEO
  • Why defining your vision and culture makes everything else easier

Mentioned during the podcast:

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Find Alex on LinkedIn and visit Beam Dental.