Founders: How to Start, How to Grow, How to Give Back

Feras Alhlou joins us to discuss how pivoting quickly leads to growth, the importance of giving back as a founder, and more.

Moving to Silicon Valley in 1998, our guest has served his time in the trenches of startup land. With several successful startups behind him, including the successful sale of E-Nor, now he’s dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience so other founders don’t suffer the “same wounds and scars.”

Feras Alhlou is a highly sought-after mentor, advisor, and consultant to startups. He has also recently launched the YouTube channel, Start Up with Feras.

In this lively and informative episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Being a leader vs being a manager
  • How pivoting quickly leads to growth
  • Failing fast and moving forward
  • Pioneering remote work for a startup
  • The importance of giving back as a founder

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