Financial Models for Successful Startup Growth & Fundraising Rounds

OnPlan Founder & CEO David Greenbaum joins us for a discussion about Financial Models and Financial Planning & Analysis for startups.

The most challenging aspect of fundraising is telling a story around the numbers.

Most startup founders excel at communicating their passion and the need their product is solving for, but communicating the financials and the business dynamics—the FP&A—often trip them up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a software platform that could help you out with this?

David Greenbaum thought the same thing while shepherding his previous startup, Boost Media, through fundraising rounds.

There wasn’t a platform at the time centered around financial models, so he built one—OnPlan—where he serves as CEO.

Financial modeling topics we discussed with David:

  • Combining the strengths of spreadsheets with engineering best practices
  • Three reasons to develop financial models
  • Why agility is the one true competitive advantage for startups
  • The value of thinking backward and generating scenarios

You can contact David on LinkedIn and visit to learn more.

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