Female Founders: Why There Aren’t Enough & What We Can Do About It

Andrea Ippolito, CEO & Founder of SimpliFed, joins us to examine causes and solutions for the gender gap among startup founders.

Statistics show that by the time most women gain enough experience, sufficiently develop their expertise or their networks, they tend to reach a family-planning milestone in their personal lives.

This, combined with the fact that women still carry most of the child-rearing responsibilities in traditional family settings around the globe, correlates with the low number of female founders in the business world.

Andrea Ippolito, CEO & Founder of SimpliFed, joins us today to look deeper into this and discuss:

  • What other factors might be holding women back from starting their own companies
  • Her next-level Crunchbase articles and advice on approaching parental leave for all founders
  • The ups and downs of her unique journey as a female founder
  • The solution-oriented approach she’s taking with Women Entrepreneurs Cornell

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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