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Expert Insights Into the Consumer Startup Ecosystem & the Interplay Between Equity & Debt

Alexa Binns, Partner at Spacecadet Ventures, and Marc Zablatsky, Managing Director of Burkland’s CFO Practice, discuss alternative financing avenues for consumer startups, how to pitch investors, and how to grow a consumer brand today.

A lot has changed in the consumer startup market over the last couple of years. For one, SaaS enterprise investors who had dipped their toes into the consumer space are now starting to back away.

But venture funding isn’t the only way to grow a consumer brand and startup.

In this episode, we’re joined by two experts in the consumer startup space, Alexa Binns, Partner at Spacecadet Ventures (formerly at Halogen Ventures), and Marc Zablatsky, CFO and Managing Director of Burkland’s Consumer Group.

They highlight some alternative financial avenues that are available to consumer startup founders, why it’s so important for CPG to have a firm grasp on margins and inventory, and how to properly pitch investors on not only the brand but the business.

We discuss:

  • How investment in consumer brands and startups has changed
  • How you grow a CPG brand and startup today
  • How equity and debt are intertwined in CPG
  • The potential in the ecosystem around food tech and sustainable foods

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Find Alexa on LinkedIn and visit Spacecadet Ventures. Find Marc on LinkedIn and visit burklandassociates.com.