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Drinks with a VC: Season 4, Episode 1, Kate Shillo Beardsley, Upslope Ventures and Hannah Grey Ventures

Kate Shillo Beardsley, Managing Partner at Upslope Ventures and Co-Founding Partner at Hannah Grey Ventures, joins us for the Season 4 opener of Drinks with a VC .

Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, and bartending…what do these things have in common? Kate Shillo Beardsley!

Check out the Season 4 opener of Drinks w/ a VC with our great guest and friend, Kate Shillo Beardsley. Unlike the serial entrepreneurs she interacts with daily, Kate is a serial fund-builder! She is a Managing Partner at Upslope Ventures, a Co-Founding Partner at Hannah Grey Ventures and serves as Senior Advisor at Silicon Hills Capital. Previously, she helped establish, build, and manage three funds and over 200+ investments at Lerer Hippeau Ventures in New York City.

Join Bree and Vik as we dive into Kate’s humble beginnings as a bartender in a one-horse town, hear her regale us with stories about being Martha Stewart’s assistant in New York after Martha’s stint in the clink, and gain some insight on what Kate is doing to shape the world of Web 3 and women in the Venture ecosystem. If there was a Masterclass on the role of follow-up in business, Kate would be the one teaching everyone about it (though she humbly thinks she still has a lot to learn).