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Derisking & Other Critical Insights for Startup Founders

David McFarland, Founder and CEO of Coterie, shares insights for startup founders on how to derisk your business and more.

Welcome to another episode of Startup Success, a podcast for founders and investors. Today we are joined by David McFarland, Founder and CEO of Coterie, an InsurTech company that simplifies commercial insurance for small businesses and startups.

David shares insights for startup founders on:

  • How to derisk your business
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with smart people and building a trusted advisory network
  • The impact of AI on his business
  • Tips on persevering through turbulent times

David McFarland spent over eight years as an actuarial consultant before launching Coterie. As an actuarial, he saw a clear market gap wherein almost half the small businesses in America were not adequately covered. Four years on, Coterie has helped reimagine how insurance plays for small businesses by providing simple and speedy service in the commercial insurance space.

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