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A Founder’s Path to Success - What it Takes

Joshua Wöhle on how to navigate startup growth, challenges of being a founder, and why continuous learning is an important part of the journey.
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The startup journey is full of ups and downs, and to navigate them, founders need to have grit and resilience.

Joshua Wöhle led one start up, Super Awesome, to a successful acquisition by Epic Games and is the CEO and Co-Founder of another, Mindstone Learning. He shares how to navigate growth issues, the challenges of being a founder and why continuous learning is an important part any successful startup founder’s journey.

We discuss:

  • Details around Joshua’s “super” acquisition and what he learned from the process
  • Continuous learning – why it is important and how to succeed at it
  • The importance of immediate feedback loops
  • What makes a good startup founder for the long-term

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Find Josh on LinkedIn and Twitter and visit mindstone.com.