A Founder’s Candid Advice on Fundraising, Making Pivots and Using your Network

Krish Ramineni, Co-Founder and CEO at Fireflies.ai, shares candid advice and insight from scaling - including two highly successful fundraising rounds.

Today’s guest, Krish Ramineni, Co-Founder and CEO at Fireflies.ai and a 2022 Fortune 30 under 30, joins us with his candid advice and insight gleaned from ​his success scaling Fireflies.ai – including two highly successful fundraising rounds.

We discuss the importance of knowing when to pivot your ideas and how to use setbacks as feedback. We also delve into the value of discipline in fundraising and the benefits of leveraging existing relationships when seeking funding. We look at product-led growth — and how it can be incredibly successful.

Finally, we’ll provide tips and strategies for finding top talent in a slowing job market and offer guidance on effectively navigating these challenging times. Tune in for actionable insights and practical advice to help you succeed in today’s challenging environment.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Being disciplined when fundraising and utilizing existing relationships
  • Driving sales through product-led growth
  • How to hire and fundraise in today’s economic climate

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Find Krish on LinkedIn and visit Fireflies.ai.