A Deep Tech VC on Market Timing, Female Leadership & Diversity

Fusion Fund's Lu Zhang talks about how her fund chooses companies to support and her quest to bring more diversity to businesses and startups.

Not too long ago, companies in deep tech and healthcare were often overlooked for funding in favor of companies focused on consumer products and business innovation.

Lu Zhang, Founder & Managing Partner of Fusion Fund, has worked to change that. As a solo founder of a medical device company, she has a unique perspective on how to lead a deep tech/healthcare company to a successful exit.

Special guest host Jeff Burkland, Founder & CEO of Burkland, returns to chat with Lu about her experience as a startup founder, how her fund chooses companies to support, and her quest to bring more female and minority voices into businesses and startups.

We discuss:

  • Why Fusion Fund focuses on tech and timing in early stage investments
  • How Lu leverages a CXO network for funding decisions
  • The benefits of fostering cognitive diversity on your team
  • Initiatives to empower female leadership in the boardroom

Connect with Lu on LinkedIn and visit fusionfund.com.

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