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Tax Tools for Startups: Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Benefits

A guide to the tax tools in Burkland’s startup tax toolkit, grouped by the type of tax obligations they address.

Burkland’s new Tax Toolkit for Startups provides a curated directory of tax tools curated to help founders manage the tax-related aspects of scaling a startup. Here’s a breakdown of the tools grouped by the type of taxes they address.

Startup Tax Tools

Startup tax compliance helps your startup avoid penalties, build investor trust, and stay legally sound.

  1. Taxes for Early-Stage Startups: What Do I Have to Pay?
    This guide provides an overview of corporate tax obligations, helping your startup understand what taxes must be paid and when.
  2. Tax Deadlines for Startups in 2024
    Burkland’s essential tax calendar lists key federal, state, and municipal tax filing dates for startups to ensure timely compliance.
  3. Tax Preparation Cost Calculator
    Use this budget planning tool to estimate the cost of tax preparation for your C Corp startup.
  4. Tax Preparation Checklist for Startups
    Refer this comprehensive checklist to gather all necessary documents and information for tax preparation, streamlining the process for your tax professionals.
  5. 8 Common Startup Tax Mistakes to Avoid
    Avoid frequent tax errors made by startups to ensure smoother tax operations and legal compliance.
  6. Guide to Form 1120: US Corporation Income Tax Return Filing
    Unfamiliar with Form 1120? This guide from our partner Deel will help manage your US corporation’s tax return to ensure compliance with complex federal regulations.

R&D Tax Credit Tools

R&D tax credits can help your startup save money and accelerate growth.

  1. Startup Tax Credit Calculator
    Businesses can receive up to $250,000 in payroll tax savings per year with R&D tax credit. Use this calculator to estimate your potential savings and contact our tax team for an assessment.
  2. Does My Startup Qualify for R&D Tax Credit?
    An informative guide explaining the eligibility criteria for the R&D Tax Credit, helping startups plan future R&D expenses and determine if their current expenses could qualify for credit.
  3. R&D Tax Credit and Section 174 Update for Startups
    Don’t miss this critical update summarizing the latest IRS guidance around expense categories, contract research, and foreign R&D activities.

Payroll and Employment Tax Tools

Failure to remit correct payroll taxes can quickly snowball into a very expensive mistake.

  1. Payroll Compliance Checklist and Tax Law Guide for 2024
    A comprehensive guide to ensure payroll compliance, covering federal, state, and international tax laws from Deel.
  2. Employer Tax Calculator
    Use this template from our partner Gusto to calculate the total cost of hiring new employees, including all applicable taxes, assisting in financial planning.
  3. Hourly and Salary Paycheck Calculators
    These calculators from Gusto help determine withholdings and calculate take-home pay for both hourly and salaried employees, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Sales Tax Tools

Sales tax compliance becomes increasingly complex as your startup scales.

  1. Navigating the Sales Tax Registration Process in the United States
    This guide from Stripe will help you determine when you need to register to collect tax and avoid penalties and interest.
  2. Sales Tax Compliance Steps for Startups
    Startups can face serious penalties for failing to comply with state sales tax laws. If you’ve fallen behind, this guide will show you steps to take to catch up.
  3. Calculate Sales Tax
    This free sales tax tool from Gusto features a calculator, a state-by-state sales tax rate table, and answers to common sales tax questions.
  4. Estimate Your Sales Tax Exposure
    Our partner Anrok compiled this template to show you where you likely have triggered the need to register and collect sales tax.


Being proactive with tax planning and preparation throughout the year is essential to avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on potential savings. By leveraging these resources and working with experienced startup tax professionals you can focus on innovation and scaling operations, knowing your tax obligations are well-managed.