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When AI & Human Accountants Team Up, Startup Founders Win

Startups can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and make better decisions by pairing emerging AI accounting tools with human accounting professionals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making inroads everywhere throughout the business world, including the fields of accounting and finance. Burkland regularly leverages modern AI to identify patterns, extract value insights and improve efficiency while providing expert human oversight.

One of the tools Burkland uses is Puzzle. AI-powered financial software like Puzzle are giving businesses a competitive edge by analyzing data quickly and accurately and providing insights and predictions to help make better decisions. AI can help identify patterns in financial data, detect anomalies, and predict market trends. Plus, AI can automate many routine financial processes, improving efficiency and reducing the risks of costly errors.

Example Uses for AI Accounting in 2023:

  • Automated data entry: AI can extract and input financial data into accounting software, reducing the time and errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Expense management: AI can automate expense tracking and categorization, making it easier for businesses to manage their finances.
  • Fraud detection: AI can analyze large amounts of financial data and identify suspicious transactions or patterns, helping to prevent and detect fraud.
  • Predictive analytics: AI can analyze past financial data to make predictions about future trends, helping businesses make informed decisions.
  • Intelligent financial reporting: AI can generate insightful financial reports by analyzing data and identifying trends, helping businesses make better-informed decisions.
  • Cash flow management: AI can analyze cash flow patterns and predict future cash flow, helping businesses optimize their cash flow and reduce financial risks.
  • Tax compliance: AI can analyze tax regulations and help ensure compliance with tax laws, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.
  • Audit support: AI can provide auditors with instant access to financial data and help them identify areas of risk or concern.
  • Customer service: AI-powered chatbots can provide customers with instant support and assistance with their accounting queries, improving customer satisfaction.

Startups are especially well-positioned to reap the benefits of AI accounting. Startups thrive on speed and efficiency but have small teams, so anything that maximizes efficiency is worth a close look. Plus, startups often have rich data sets and the agility to roll out new tools and processes faster than their larger competitors.

Startups are especially well-positioned to reap the benefits of AI accounting.

AI accounting tools can help startup founders maintain an accurate and current picture of their company’s financial health, keep tabs on burn rate, avoid running out of cash, and stay ready for investor updates.

How Can Startups Prepare to Benefit from AI Accounting?

Evaluate Your Finance Tech Stack

Startups preparing to incorporate AI accounting tools into their business should take time to evaluate their existing tech stack including banking, expense management, and accounting software. Many of today’s bookkeeping and finance software solutions aren’t designed to take advantage of the new benefits AI is bringing to accounting.

Foster a Data-Driven Culture

To reap the maximum benefits of AI-powered accounting tools, startups need to focus equally on technology, talent, and culture. A data-driven culture means that throughout the organization, decisions are made based on facts and data, rather than on hunches or guesswork.

Continue to Invest in Human Finance Talent

Despite the rise of AI accounting, human accountants are still critical. While AI technology can handle many repetitive and voluminous tasks, it can’t replace the human touch, intellectual curiosity, and professional judgment required to make informed decisions. Accounting professionals like the startup accounting team at Burkland have deep expertise in handling complex financial matters and optimizing solutions for each client’s unique needs. We combine our years of knowledge with the best current technologies to provide customized solutions and data-driven insights. Our team regularly leverages modern AI tools to identify patterns, extract value insights and improve efficiency while providing expert human oversight.

While AI accounting is undoubtedly a valuable tool that’s here to stay, it’s essential to recognize the importance of human accountants in navigating the challenging financial landscape.

As AI continues to evolve, we expect more businesses will adopt this technology to improve their financial performance and gain a competitive edge. By pairing best of breed AI accounting tools with human expertise, startups can increase efficiency, avoid errors, and gain valuable insights from their financial data.

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