Vertical SaaS vs. Horizontal SaaS – A Look From Allied Advisers

Vertical SaaS has been gaining traction across industries, with companies offering customized solutions built on in-depth sector expertise.

Burkland recommends Flavors of SaaS at Allied Advisers for an in-depth look at Vertical vs. Horizontal SaaS models.

This presentation provides:

  • A broad overview of Vertical SaaS
  • Growth drivers and challenges
  • A comparison of key sales, profit, and funding metrics for Vertical v. Horizontal SaaS companies
  • Notable differences between Vertical and Horizontal SaaS related to:
    • Business models
    • Target markets
    • Competitive landscapes
    • Marketing efforts
    • Capital efficiency for IPO
    • Growth Prospects

The presentation also shows key metrics including sales, marketing, R&D, and fundraising data for dozens of leading SaaS companies. See Flavors of SaaS from Allied Advisers.


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