The Smarter Startup

How Startups Can Utilize Spend Management & Drive Growth

Burkland CFO Marc Zablatsky joins CFO Daily News and Procurify to discuss how startups can control spending and still scale.

How can a growing tech startup that is not yet profitable drive towards profitability during a recession?

Burkland CFO Marc Zablatsky joins CFO Daily News, Procurify, and a small panel to discuss how startups can control spending (one of the few things they can control) but still scale.

In this panel webinar learn:

  • How to implement cost controls around spending that is proactive, giving spend visibility to committed purchases before the invoice even arrives.
  • The tipping point of automation – when is a right time to start implementing tools and solutions to enforce controls?
  • How to maintain growth and agility during turbulent times of budget cuts and uncertainty.
  • The biggest challenges that tech CFOs need to prepare for in the next 5-10 years and insights on how your startup can prepare.

“We planned for different top-line outcomes that considered new sales, what would happen to our existing customer base, we stress-tested cost structures against various assumptions, and made sure we were prepared to weather all those scenarios.”

— Marc Zablatsky, Fractional CFO for Startups at Burkland, on action plans that leadership laid out during the downturn

Watch the recording of Spend Management and Driving Growth in 2020.