Rethinking Your Startup Marketing Budget in the COVID-19 Crisis?

It’s all about scenario planning now - and that includes building a flexible marketing plan and an agile startup marketing budget.

Startups are facing many challenges around marketing in the COVID-19 crisis. Lead generation strategies have changed, and marketing budgets are being re-evaluated. Startups are now faced with filling the lead generation pipeline with less marketing and business development and less budget. Decisions are being made with limited information, coupled with much uncertainty around the future. By analyzing several marketing scenarios around different financial constraints and lead generation goals, marketers at startups will be able to react quickly and with confidence during this crisis.

Startup Marketing Budget Tool

Burkland has partnered with VisualizeROI and created an interactive tool with a calculator that combines industry benchmark data and research on virtual events. With this tool, startups will be able to forecast marketing scenarios, which can then be exported into Board presentations.

The interactive calculator tool will help answer the following questions:

  • Where should marketing spend be lowered?
  • Where should it possibly be increased?
  • What is a new realistic pipeline generation goal?
  • How do virtual events compare to in-person events?
  • What is the ROI of virtual events?
  • How to generate high quality leads from virtual events?
  • What are some examples of virtual event success?

Go to Burkland and VisualizeROI’s Evaluation Tool & Calculator.


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