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Ron L. Wilson, II

Ron Wilson is an entrepreneurial leader with over 25 years of startup, growth, finance, and operational experience in Consumer Brands, Products, and Apps.

Ron Wilson has over 25 years of entrepreneurial startup, growth, finance, and operational experience. He started his first consumer product business while completing his MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. As CEO/CFO, Ron helped lead the company to yearly revenues of $50M+, garner over 10k retail doors, establish sales offices in the US, Canada, & Europe, and manufacturing in the US, Mexico, & China.

In 2012, Ron founded one of the first DTC apparel brands. As CEO/CFO, he grew the company by leveraging various alternative financing strategies, with the primary growth capital being generated by equity crowdfunding. Since its inception, the company has generated over $60M in net revenues from over 300k customers.

Ron began his career while completing his Industrial and Systems Engineering degree at Virginia Tech, where he also worked in software & manufacturing at General Electric. Upon graduation, he joined Cooper Industries’ Manufacturing Management Program and held various quality, engineering, finance, production, and management roles.

Ron has a passion for helping founders and entrepreneurial leaders achieve their visions. From his expansive experience, Ron can be of integral help with your fundraising, investor relations, strategy, financial modeling & KPIs, product offering, e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution.

Since founding a not-for-profit fitness center in 1988, Ron has maintained a passion for health & wellness. He continues to train daily with the hope of competing one day in the Centenarian Olympics.