Finance 101 for Startups

How do I set up financial systems for my startup?

In Startup Finance 101 - you will learn :

  • Financial Systems - How do I manage my finances?
  • HR and Payroll Partners - How do startups pay their employees?
  • Banking Partners - What's the best bank for my startup?
  • Financial Controls - How do I prevent fraud? Why does it matter?
  • Finance & Accounting Service - How do I organize my startup business?
  • Financial Reporting - What is critical to report and when?
  • Startup Tax Preparation Services - What are the important regulations and deadlines that I need to meet?
  • Due Diligence Prep - How do I prepare for a fundraising round? What is the due diligence process?


Burkland’s bookkeeping and accounting services for startups keep founders focused on unleashing the value of their ideas. With an in-depth knowledge of startups and finance, we provide CFO Services, Accounting Services, and Startup Tax Services.

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