Kristina Yager

Managing Director, People Operations

Kristina is Burkland’s go-to person for all things related to People Operations, HR, Talent, and Recruiting.

Kristina is Burkland’s go-to person for all things People + HR, Talent + Recruiting. She has over 15 years of experience in People Ops, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Design + Development, Coaching, and Leadership.

Prior to Burkland, Kristina’s career has spanned from Financial Services to startups—including a 3-year tenure at Pure Storage, where she helped to usher in incredible growth as the company grew from a Series C startup with just over 200 employees—to a publicly traded company with almost a thousand employees globally.

Kristina’s experience isn’t isolated to the traditional scope associated with HR, People and Talent. Her expertise bisects functional areas, more specifically in the leadership and organizational development realm, where she has partnered closely with founders, CEOs, and department leads to help support and advise on big-picture matters concerning the business. Kristina’s versatility a knack for out-of-the-box thinking and intuition, combined with her extensive practical experience and diverse skill set, positions her as a valuable partner for organizations seeking strategic People Ops and Talent Acquisition perspectives. Whether it’s building a comprehensive people + talent strategy, coaching leaders, or providing guidance on critical people and organizational decisions, Kristina offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help leaders and organizations thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Kristina attended San Jose State University for her undergrad and the University of San Francisco for graduate school. She is currently enrolled in a one-year executive program with a focus on Organizational Leadership at Stanford University.