Careers at Burkland

Consulting CFO - Healthcare

Your Mission

Working largely independently, apply knowledge, experience, insight, and competence to partner with clients on forward-looking finance. Become a trusted ally to multiple CEOs, management teams and investors through efficient, intelligent and accurate work, and the effective communication thereof. Be a finance thought leader to clients internally and externally, and help them see around corners as they build their businesses.


  • Develop financial models which are understandable, insightful and adaptable
  • Prepare and present the finance section of client Board meetings. For some clients, fallback is to attend Board meetings and answer finance-related questions.
  • Be an integral part of client fundraising processes – help size round, model cap table scenarios/dilution, assist with pitch deck preparation, make investor introductions, participate in investor pitches.
  • Establish policies & procedures, systems & processes etc. to ensure timely, accurate and comprehensive reporting of financial performance, metrics & KPIs.
  • Have happy clients as demonstrated by periodic CEO feedback and strong NPS scores.
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities for Burkland bookkeeping, tax and HR services, make introductions and referrals.
  • Overhead tasks (timesheets, invoice approvals, client reporting updates) done on time, accurately, without reminding
  • Lead or help organize 1 CFO knowledge share presentation per year
  • Author at least 3 short-form blog posts or content submissions per year

Role Competencies

  • Efficiency – Both clients and Burkland wonder how you accomplish so much so quickly
  • Honesty/integrity – Be impeccable with your word, your ethics and your work. Push back then escalate if needed when confronted with fudging of numbers.
  • Organization and planning – Prioritize, plan, stay on track. See efficiency above.
  • Assertiveness – Don’t be afraid to push, respectfully.
  • Follow-through on commitments – If you commit to a deadline, meet it (or beat it) without needing to be reminded.
  • Intelligence – Be viewed as a finance thought leader with your clients and the Burkland finance team.
  • Analytical skills – Be an Excel/Google Sheet guru. Learn new tools (rev rec, visualization, data analytics).
  • Attention to detail – Accuracy in our work is key. Check, recheck numbers to have confidence in reports and presentations.
  • Persistence – We are not always top of mind with clients. Hear “no” as “not now” and push on.
  • Proactivity – Take the initiative. Your client will appreciate you for it. Push to calendar meetings/check-ins.
  • Soft Skills – strong written & verbal communications, active use of active listening, tailored & measured responses
  • Inquisitive – Ask questions. Your clients will tell you what’s on their mind. Then act.
  • Core values – Demonstrate Burkland core values of Empathy, Fresh Perspectives, Exponential Value, Trusted Partner to clients and peers.

Example of Responsibilities

  • Create and present financial strategy recommendations to CEO
  • Support the financial planning and analysis efforts, including scenario planning and budgets.
  • Oversee cash flow, cash management, working capital, and company auditsPrepare financial statements and reports
  • Ensure legal compliance on all financial functions
  • Manage relationships with banks & debtholders
  • Manage the cap table and relationships with investors


  • Significant experience with one or more areas within the healthcare industry.
  • Strong finance-based analytical skills
  • Strong familiarity with common finance systems (QBO, MS Excel/GSheets, etc.)
  • 7 – 10 years’ of finance and/or operations experience
  • MBA or CPA preferred, but not required
  • Experience with, and a passion for, working with fast-growing startups and their founders
  • Experience with healthcare R&D, capital formation and trials management a plus
  • Self-motivated
  • Employment Type – Full time