Careers at Burkland

Financial Planning and Analysis

This is a new role at Burkland to fulfill the needs of forward-looking finance when a) a consulting CFO is not needed (i.e. client is too early) or b) needs to be supplemented.  


In the case where there is no consulting CFO, the FP&A analyst may prepare a financial model for the client. Whether there is or is not a Burkland consulting CFO, using Excel, Google Sheets and/or QBO, you may help prepare budgets, perform variance analysis and reporting, produce financial forecasts, and develop and maintain key metrics and dashboards. You will also create SaaS, Fintech, Consumer and Healthcare financial model templates. You may also assist on internal Burkland FP&A work. 


In your application, tell us:

  1. About your career goals,
  2. What are you really good at professionally,
  3. What you are not good at or not interested in doing professionally, and
  4. What would your last 3 bosses rate you on a scale of 1-10 (10 is high) and why. If you advance in the hiring process we will contact them.

Only apply if you are strong with Excel and Google Sheets. Have created SaaS, fintech, consumer or healthcare financial models and can share your work, preferably in more than 1 of those industries. See the 1st four bullets in the More About You section.

About You

  • You love numbers. Both the precision around them and the ambiguities which are part of finance for start-ups.
  • You are visual. You can see trends in numbers. And can create charts and graphs to illustrate them.
  • Though you are a ‘numbers’ person, you also have excellent oral and written communication skills as you may be presenting information to company management, Boards of Directors and investors.
  • You can finesse and sort through loads of data, with the ability to take a giant step back and analyze the financial results from a bird’s eye view for accuracy, reasonableness, and implications drawn from financial data.  
  • You are detail oriented in your work, and strategic in your analytical thinking.
  • You are a juggler, metaphorically speaking. You will likely be working with multiple clients and multiple tasks for a given client. The ability to prioritize, multi-task and shift tasks when needed is key.
  • You don’t have an ego. You see input from others as a way to improve. You appreciate feedback. 
  • You don’t get your feathers ruffled easily. You are confident and polite in everything you do. You execute, communicate, and collaborate. If someone is upset, you can honestly say that is OK because you did the best you could.
  • You seamlessly marry a personable demeanor with an insatiable desire to check the box by completing your daily, weekly, and monthly activities on time and without reminding.
  • You are continually finding ways to improve our existing methods. 
  • You reflect the Burkland core values of Exponential Value, Empathy, Fresh Perspectives and Trusted Partner.

More About You

  • You are highly proficient in Excel and Google Sheets. Pivot tables, conditional formulas, import range, and of course, charts and graphs.
  • You are a pro with Quickbooks Online. Tell us what else you know….Jirav, OnPlan, AnaPlan, Adaptive Insights. Experience with Netsuite and ERP systems is valuable.  Proficiency with SQL is a big plus. 
  • Our focus areas are SaaS, FinTech, Healthcare and Consumer. What is your experience in these areas?
  • You follow directions with no follow-up needed as demonstrated by your answering in your application all of the questions asked in this job description
  • You have the ability to work independently, with limited direction and in an autonomous, virtual environment.
  • Start-up or young company experience is a plus, as is consulting experience, but not a requirement.
  • You have 3+ years experience in this role.
  • Send your resume in pdf format.
  • Send us a file representative of your work if you’d like. If you advance in the hiring process this will be needed.