Careers at Burkland

CFO - Crypto

We are looking for experienced and strategic CFOs with strong operational experience in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain/DLT & DeFi. If you have experience in these areas and a passion for helping venture-backed startups succeed, Burkland may be a fit for you.

Your Mission: Working largely independently, apply knowledge, experience, insight, and competence to partner with clients on forward-looking finance. Become a trusted ally to multiple CEOs, management teams and investors through efficient, intelligent and accurate work, and the effective communication thereof. Be a finance thought leader to clients internally and externally, and help them see around corners as they build their businesses.


Develop financial models which are understandable, insightful and adaptable
Prepare and present the finance section of client Board meetings. For some clients, fallback is to attend Board meetings and answer finance-related questions.
Be an integral part of client fundraising processes – help size round, model cap table scenarios/dilution, assist with pitch deck preparation, make investor introductions, participate in investor pitches.
Establish policies & procedures, systems & processes etc. to ensure timely, accurate and comprehensive reporting of financial performance, metrics & KPIs.
Have happy clients as demonstrated by periodic CEO feedback and strong NPS scores.
Identify cross-sell opportunities for Burkland bookkeeping, tax and HR services, make introductions and referrals.
Overhead tasks (timesheets, invoice approvals, client reporting updates) done on time, accurately, without reminding
Lead or help organize 1 CFO knowledge share presentation per year
Author at least 3 short-form blog posts or content submissions per year

Role Competencies:

– Efficiency – Both clients and Burkland wonders how you accomplish so much so quickly
– Honesty/integrity – Be impeccable with your word, your ethics and your work. Push back then escalate if needed when confronted with fudging of numbers.
– Organization and planning – Prioritize, plan, stay on track. See efficiency above.
– Assertiveness – Don’t be afraid to push, respectfully.
– Follow-through on commitments – If you commit to a deadline, meet it (or beat it) without needing to be reminded.
– Intelligence – Be viewed as a finance thought leader with your clients and the Burkland finance team.
– Analytical skills – Be an Excel/Google Sheet guru. Learn new tools (rev rec, visualization, data analytics).
– Attention to detail – Accuracy in our work is key. Check, recheck numbers to have confidence in reports and presentations.
– Persistence – We are not always top of mind with clients. Hear “no” as “not now” and push on.
– Proactivity – Take the initiative. Your client will appreciate you for it. Push to calendar meetings/check-ins.
– Soft Skills – strong written & verbal communications, active use of active listening, tailored & measured responses
– Inquisitive – Ask questions. Your clients will tell you what’s on their mind. Then act.
– Core values – Demonstrate Burkland core values of Empathy, Fresh Perspectives, Exponential Value, Trusted Partner to clients and peers.

Example of Responsibilities:

– Create and present financial strategy recommendations to CEO
– Support the financial planning and analysis efforts, including scenario planning and budgets.
– Oversee cash flow, cash management, working capital, and company audits
– Prepare financial statements and reports
– Ensure legal compliance on all financial functions
– Manage relationships with banks, exchanges & debtholders
– Manage the cap table and relationships with investors


– Experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain/DLT, including handling crypto and fiat payments, settlements as well as managing banking and exchange relationships.
– Multi-national/jurisdictional experience a plus
– Strong finance-based analytical skills
– Strong familiarity with common finance systems (QBO, MS Excel/GSheets, etc.)
– 7 – 10 years’ of finance and/or operations experience
– MBA or CPA preferred, but not required
– Experience with, and a passion for, working with fast-growing startups and their founders
– Experience with venture and/or token-based financing
– Self-motivated
– Employment Type – Full time